Friday, August 21, 2009

New Additions - coming up.

Good Morning Artists.

Last week at our Art Forty-Two meeting we talked about the next features to roll out. FaithMarie and I want to keep you all in-the-know so here is what's next.

First priority: one-to-one exchanges. We plan on adding an exchange tool on the profile page, and on a new exchange page, that will allow members to add items they would like to exchange with other members, such as random paper, stickers, or whatever.

Second priority: icons on profile pages. We want to give you all the ability to add some personality to your profile pages with a profile icon/avatar/picture.

So, basically, this next update will give you a new tool and a new bit of eye candy. We chose to do one:one exchanges first because it was the most popular request according to our feedback survey. We've prioritized updates based on that survey - thanks to all who have responded - your ideas help a lot!

Now, our resident geek (aka: my husband), who generously donates his time to help do the back-end work on the site has said he would not be able to begin on these two changes until September. We hope to roll these changes out sometime in October. We may even call out to members in late September or October to help us test.

Keep creating - we love you guys!

PS: I would like to apologize for the slow response on some of the e-mails that have come to our webmaster e-mail. We try to respond within 24 to 48 hours but sometimes it may take a little longer. We will try to improve the turn around.

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