Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello arty members!

We are pleased to see the site membership growing every day. We have noticed there are some member accounts that have minimal contact information. So I thought I would offer just a few words on addresses.

In order to protect member privacy, we added some "confidential" features, so each member can choose how much of his or her mailing address to reveal to the entire Art Forty-Two membership.

This week a member e-mailed and asked, "how will participants in a project with me know what my address is?" The answer consists of two options:

- Enter your mailing address and make it public to members. Note members must be logged in to see any member or project information.


- Keep your address confidential and e-mail it to whomever needs it.

The choice is yours. :O)

IMPORTANT: Sometimes, FaithMarie and I like to mail surprises to our members. So make sure your profile is complete as possible - even if the address is confidential. This will allow us to send treats out. During Art Forty-Two's first month, we sent collage packets to about fifty members. We wanted to send them to the first 100 members but several of the profiles were incomplete.

Also, FaithMarie and I like to celebrate birthdays so make sure you enter yours into your profile.

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