Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Techniques and such...

Happy New Year members!

FaithMarie and I have been talking about opening the blog to member submissions. If you have a great technique, tutorial, video, cool art site, or question you would like to share on the blog e-mail it to us at

If you want to add pictures or video to your post please make sure to include them or links to them and where they should go. Also, feel free to include a brief bio/links to your site etc.

As long as your submission is art related or educational we will probably post it. If it wouldn't be of interest to our members we probably won't post it. Easy enough right?

Also, our lovely and delightful member Nicci set up a flicker pool for Art Forty-Two members. If you use flicker here is another great way to share some eye candy with other members (besides on our facebook fan page and the site.)


Flicker Pool:

Facebook fan page:

We hope you all have a fantastic end of 2009 and here's to a faboo 2010.

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