Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Forty-Two Anniversary Book

Hi Everyone! The book is done and ready on We hope you are all very happy with how it turned out. We like it, and are already excited to get started on next year's book!

By Art Forty-Two

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art Forty-Two Anniversary Show and Swap

Art Forty-Two's first show happened today! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending the time staring at art, talking about art and the site, eating snacks, and basically basking in the glow of of a successful first year.

We have loved hosting the site and getting to know our members. We are looking forward to more opportunities to show your work and meet up with members for in-person swaps. Things we hope to start happening regularly as we move in to year two.

Over the next month we are going to work on putting together our Art Forty-Two Anniversary Book: Vol 1. It will include all of the work we received from members through out the year via site-hosted swaps. We've been scanning all the images just in case we decided to do something like this.

There are more pictures from the Anniversary event on Facebook. We hope that as we continue to do events like this they will get bigger and bigger each time.

We want to thank our members from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this site everything we dreamed it would be. With out you, it would not exist.

All our love!
Sandra (FaithMarie) and Danial (Empress_Dragon)