Monday, May 3, 2010

Site Update - Exciting New Features

We've made many updates to the site this launch. A few things you will find with this new update.
  1. Forums - pretty self-explanatory. We hope you like them. We have five main forums at the moment. Art Forty-Two site news - where we will be posting news about the site, events, etc. A Member Help forum, a Trades and Exchanges forum, an art discussion forum and a general discussion forum. We will add more as needed.

  2. Project pages enhancements - we've added a tab to every project page. The tabs say "Participants" and "Discussion". As a participant you can discuss the project, ask questions, check-up etc. This is in addition to any notes you put in by editing/updating your status on the participant tab - or any left panel notes left by the host/ess.

  3. Profile pages got a new tab. Your profile page now has a new Q&A Tab. This area is your own personal "forum" where members can ask you questions, you can make notes about anything going on in your life (vacation, illness etc). and basically allows a place for you to have personal discussions.

  4. Project pages - images. We've added a spot on the project pages for an image. This will allow you to put a little eye candy on the page or to help explain what is expected of your participants. Soon, we hope to also display the images on the project page list but we ran out of time for this launch.
As always, we hope you like the changes. We'd love to hear your feedback. We make all the changes to the site we can to make using it easier for you. We love our members! Sometimes it takes us a little since we all work full-time day jobs, but hopefully, the site is bringing you some arty joy. It's certainly made out lives happier!

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